Due to a busy schedule (and a career of my own), I am unable to respond to all requests for career advice. I am, however, available to provide consulting and coaching for writers looking to break into freelance work, improve their pitching, or learn more about how the industry works.

Some of the services I offer include:

  • Pitching help: how to write a pitch, how to target a pitch for a publication, how to identify markets and pitch those markets, feedback on specific pitches
  • Feedback on writing: whether it's an essay or a reported piece, I can offer feedback prior to submission and help guide the writing process
  • Freelance coaching: covers the basic how-to's of freelancing including setting financial goals, publication goals, and pitching goals; how to track income, log hours, and keep deadlines straight; how to establish and maintain relationships with editors
  • More: if you can conceive it, we can achieve it. Get in touch and let me know what you're looking for, and I can either find a way to help you myself, or try to refer you to someone who can

If you don't have the budget for coaching at this time, check out this resource list. If you'd like more individual support, feel free to contact me to talk about consulting! Sliding scale rates are available on an as-needed basis.


"I met with Britni about a piece in progress - I had received some edits and notes from a top publication that I found confusing. She was able to help me get into the mind of my editor, making it much easier for me to figure out what needed to be changed in my draft. Our meeting was a turning point for me in the editorial process, and enabled me to give my editors what they needed. What I learned working with her has helped me in the development of subsequent pieces, saving me time and earning me money!" -Margaret

"Britni is skillful at analyzing several angles of a pitch and editing it to fit the target publication. Britni possesses insider knowledge about various publications, editors and offers practical information to give your pitch the edge over others. I highly recommend working with Britni - it will make the road to that coveted byline easier." -Rudri


Header photo credit: Justine Johnson Photography